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Eat Well Catering by Harrison’s is proud to offer a wide variety of bar services to compliment your event. We provide an unparalleled level of service and professionalism; allow our skilled staff to handle all of your beverage needs, from set-up to conclusion, to customizing your specialty cocktails.

Our bartenders arrive 1-2 hours before the start of the event.  Set up the bar for maximum service potential.  Meet and greet guest with a professional level of customer service.  All bartenders are RAMP/TIPS certified.-KIT – true? After your event the bar area will be cleaned up and all excess inventory will be packed up for you.

Our catering staff will consult with you to understand your bar inventory needs, including alcohol quantity and assess how many bartenders we recommend. Usually one bartender for every 75-100 guests.

Harrisons Catering can provide a full bar setup with bartending tools and ice bin with scoop, cups, mixers, garnishes, ice, and anything else you need to complete the bar you have in mind. Cups, ice, garnishes, and mixers are supplied at additional cost.

Our bartenders will maintain a controlled, professional atmosphere around the bar, keeping things classy and sophisticated. We deliver the finest service down to the smallest details, exceeding your satisfaction is what we strive to achieve.

KIT – I’d like to include if there are minimums or maximum time frames, as well as how tipping or gratuity are handled.

The only thing you need to provide is the alcohol. KIT – true?

Included with every bartending service, we carry Liquor Liability Insurance and General Liability Insurance with the highest coverage limits available.

Why do I need to be insured you might ask?

Most venues require an insurance policy. It also protects you if you are held liable for property damage or bodily injury, as well as covers liquor liability for any alcohol related incidents.

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