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Catering Food Delivery Service
We provide catering food delivery service to State College, Penn State University and the surrounding Centre Region.
Delivery Options
Drop Off
Food and beverages will be delivered in disposable serving pieces with disposable serving utensils. (KIT – are they charged for these or are they included?)
Catering Set-up with Delivery
Our trained staff will deliver your full order and set up your event in advance of the start time. Includes stainless steel food warmers with canned heat, as needed and disposable pans, bowls, tray and recyclable hard plastic serving pieces. (are the serving utensils the same for all off site catering?)
VIP Service
Our catering staff member(s) will attend your event. Their services will include delivery, set-up, serving, clean-up. Includes stainless steel food warmers, canned heat and disposable pans, bowls, tray and recyclable hard plastic serving pieces.
What’s Included in your Catered Office Delivery? KIT – please consider these details
Serving Pieces
We include serving tongs, spoons and scoops with your catering order. If you’ve requested just corporate or office drop-off service, these pieces will be disposable. If you opted for our Catering Set-Up with Delivery with recyclable hard plastic serving pieces, then you’ll have the option of returning those items for a $xxx credit.
FREE Place Settings – Kit, true?
FREE Standard place settings include compostable plates, cups and plastic utensils and are included with any hot meal, breakfast or lunch order.
At Harrison's Catering, we currently send out catering orders in all recyclable or compostable containers and include all recyclable or compostable utensils and related materials. We are also proud of our continued partnership with the Centre County Recycling & Refuse Authority, through which we compost approximately 1,000 of organic waste per month in addition to our extensive recyclables. Is this number still accurate?
KIT – who is the current manufacturer of compostable materials? I’d like to know so I may see if they have nice images to use. I believe people might like seeing them in advance.

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